Don’t settle for virtual solutions not created for schools


Educators & Students virtually interact effortlessly in real time with 1sqbox intuitive tools. Our easy to navigate technology is an asset not a hindrance. We add helpful features like class time reminder prompts, lecture mode to instantly silence the class and call & response mechanisms to encourage student participation at the right time.

Not-So Distant

Distance instruction should not extract the social aspect of education. Our system allows students to be socially distant & still have a since of community. Maintaining a meaningful connection with educators enhances learning. Our platform provides a solution for virtual classrooms with IEP aides & para-professionals with quick access for virtual substitutes.


1sqbox allows educators to have full control of their virtual classroom. Educators can provide distance instruction that is accessible to students with disabilities by pulling an individual student aside for one-on-one instruction. Educators can also silence the class during lecture & break-out student clusters for group learning.

COVID-19 Virtual School Mandates

Virtual school mandates due to COVID-19 have created an urgent need for school districts to adapt to providing an online learning environment for thousands of students within a short period of time.  Educators deserve the best tools available to serve the unique student needs of today.  Many school systems have adopted technology created for business communication and not schools.  We have been on the cutting edge of virtual classroom technology for some time. We can make distance instruction work for your educators and students.

1sqbox’s experience in virtual learning

1sqbox’s first one-to-one solution for school systems was created in 2011.  Our technology is created with the feedback of real teachers and students throughout the entire process. Contact us to learn more about our approach to building an education centric virtual environment that makes distance learning more approachable and easy to implement.

Simplify the virtual experience by using technology made for

the classroom