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1sqbox® is designed with your school district's needs first. 1sqbox® is an intuitive management system that allows teachers, students, principals and parents to communicate in real time via our state-of-the-art mobile centric application. Everything that is needed for classroom management, student learning, administrative tools and parental monitoring is housed in one central application- our all-inclusive square box!

About 1sqbox

1sqbox, LLC is an EdTech startup focusing on creating innovative, mobile education applications for the K-12 education market. 1sqbox software serves as the first intuitive classroom and administrative management tool that streamlines the information exchange among participants in the educational process. 1sqbox bundles only the most necessary tools utilized on a day-to-day basis. 1sqbox is a mobile based interface where students, teachers, principals and even parents can communicate in real time creating a new frontier in the education realm.

The 1sqbox Solution

Educational institutions are actively seeking technical enhancements to the educational process: specifically enhancements that utilize tablet technology. Administrators have not yet seen the requisite improvement in software performance to deploy solutions on a large scale for both faculty and students. There are a number of individual applications that can monitor seating in a classroom, calculate grades, or track other educational metrics but these disparate applications do not communicate with each other. 1sqbox takes the day-to-day actions of principals, teachers, students and parents and integrates the data collected by the different groups to create an intuitive, free flow of information.

1sqbox = The Future of Education

1sqbox recognizes the concurrent and interactive needs of the principal stakeholders in the K-12 education environment (students, principals, teachers and parents) and provides an innovative and intuitive tool that enables schools to fully use today's technology. The Company is focused on supporting the rapid adoption and utilization of mobile-based learning and the burgeoning opportunity to provide sophisticated yet simple connectivity and data management solutions.

* Pricing & distribution conditions may apply in specific areas. Please check with a 1sqbox® representative for details on adding the 1sqbox® Educate tool in your region.

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